Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Eating Healthy and Living Better - Congratulations Dr.AparnaKamalesh

Good Morning Dear All:

Nana, I have seen the updated Now we have lots of useful links on it. Thank you for all your efforts. Certainly our community will benefit from the website.

Here we are all fine. I came to office after my morning workout (40 min/550 cal/3 mi). Feel very fresh now. Yesterday evening Vikram enjoyed Soccer. We went to soccer field by walk (myself by walk and Vikram on bike). It took 50 minutes to go there. Vinod and Kamalesh joined us in car. We all had very good time outdoors on a bright warm day.

We weighed in today and I lost 4 pounds this week and this makes a total of 27 pounds. Our 3 months weight loss challenge is over and most of us lost at least 10 pounds. Debbie won and she lost 33 pounds. I am the second one. We all are happy and Debbie plan to take all of us for lunch outside some time next week.

We just finished our teleconference with Pfizer and it was a productive one. Have a nice day all of you.

With love, yours Akkaiah

Dear Akkaiah

Congratulations on an amazing feat of losing 27 pounds in 3 months in a healthy way. Also, our congratulations to Debbie and all the other participants who made a healthy choice in a fun way with group activity.

This will have very good impact on overall health and activities. Of these 3 months, 1 week you could not do exercises for the travel and celebration in Seattle. But we all had a good family time.

Please keep up your healthy food and exercise habits.

Loving Brother