Thursday, July 26, 2007

Narsing Rao...

It has been reported in the press that Mr.B.Narsing Rao is soon going to make a full length feature film on Telangana.

Born in 1946, Narsing Rao had his schooling at Alwal, a suburb of the twin cities.

He took to painting after training at the Fine Arts College in the city. Soon, he stepped into theatre activity, enriching himself in music, literature, photography, more painting and then film making.

Narsing's penchant for taking theatre arts to the people's threshold engaged him full-time for years organizing theatre troupes, group performances and extempore street plays.

His photography, his painting, his music or his poetry reflect his keen interest and research in the folk forms which he adopts in depicting contemporary affairs and viewpoints.

His published work includes four volumes of poetry, a number of articles on theatre, cinema and matters of general interest besides short stories.

Narsing Rao made his remarkable debut into films with his Maa Bhoomi(1979,Telugu) for which he was the co producer and co-script writer. The film was directed by Gautam Ghosh.

In 1983 came his Rangula Kala that received the national award for the Best Telugu Film of the year. In Rangula kala, acclaimed for its aesthetic and experimental approach, Narsing Rao played the lead role himself besides being director, music composer, script-writer and producer.

Simultaneously, Narsing made documentaries too and won yet another national award for his Maa Ooru,1988 in the anthropological film category.

His Dasi,1988 took over centre-stage by bagging five national awards. It was judged the Best Telugu film of 1988 and was acclaimed for its technical and artistic excellence. Its cinematographer, actress, art director, and costume designer received national awards in their categories. Called as a 'Visual Stunner', the film has the story, music,scenario and direction by Narsing Rao.

A leading newsmagazine called him 'the killer of Kitsch' noting the sea change he has dubbed into the otherwise one of the most flourishing commercial cinema trades in Telugu,the second-largest-spoken language of India.

Narsing Rao stands tall with a firm commitment to meaningful, and yet aesthetic, cinema.

B.Narsing Rao has recently been elected President of the Hyderabad Film Club for the year 2001-2002. Offlate Mr.Narsing Rao who has taken a break from filmmaking is now all set to film Telangana.

Reachout feels that Mr.Narsing Rao is one rare of a director who has brought a lot of respect and acclaim to the otherwise commercial Telugu film industry and at a time when the Telugu Film Industry is longing for a national award, Mr.Narsing Rao seems to be the only hope.