Thursday, February 21, 2008

Greetings - Charan Khera

Dear Mr. Kasani:

It was indeed a pleasure meeting you at the NDP breakfast on February 16 and discussing matters of common interest. I was very much impressed with your wisdom, experience and compassion. I would be looking forward to having coffee with you after the elections are over.

Stay in touch.

With best wishes,
Charan Khehra

Dear Charan Khehra, Good Morning.

Thank You For Your affectionate E-mail. Yes! I do stay in touch with you. I am eager to learn from you.

With Best Regards, Somayya Kasani.

"Post-secondary education is a public good; I have a serious problem with the dependence on corporate funding as it favours some disciplines at the expense of arts and humanities.

It depresses the arts and it ties the universities to the interests of corporations.

The government must view post-secondary education as an investment - not an expense and infuse a substantial amount of public money into the system so to remove the need for corporate funding and excessive tuition fees. "

~Charan Kehra