Monday, December 11, 2006

Home is for Family Connections! Life Involves Growth!

Dear Children,

Home is for Family Connections! Life and families involve growth, not staying in one place !.

With Love, Amma-Naana

Home and family are so closely entwined that it is sometimes hard to separate the two. Even if you live alone in your home, your family is a part of your home. It may be through visits, memories, or even simply phone calls. Home is that connecting point for kinship. It is a place where we can come to terms with family difficulties and to develop healthy, caring relationships with those we love.

1- Our ancestors are a deep part of us. Not only those we know or remember, but those from far into our past. Their beliefs and ways are a greater part of ourselves than we realize. An item or two on a shelf or a picture hanging on a wall can remind us of our roots and will honor those who came before us. Perhaps you will decide to make a photo gallery in your hall showing your family over the years. As we show our children photo albums and tell them stories about our families we become a part of that legacy that flows from generation to generation.

2- We all need kinfolk, those people who touch our lives on a regular basis. We need to spend time with people of all ages. This is the natural order of things that has been lost in our culture.

Many of us live far from our families. The time we can be together with them is precious but often infrequent. We may want to develop friendships with people nearby as well, people who are young and old as well as close to our own age. If you already have all ages living in you home, how can you enhance your time together?

3- Families have traditions and they are usually a part of our home. Traditions are not just about the way we spend festivals or special events . Take a look at the traditions that you carry out in your home. Don't judge yet. Simply write down what you do for holidays, accomplishments, losses. Consider how many of those things are done a certain way because that is the way it has always been done in you or your spouse's family?

Look at the traditions you have created? Then sort through all this and decide which traditions are truly meaningful to you. Which do you want to keep? What would you like to change?

Life is ever changing. Children grow up, grandparents pass away. We change jobs perhaps out of our own choice, perhaps not. There is a difference between honoring our past and clinging to it.