Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Treasure Good Friends!

Dear Children,

Do treasure good friends.

With Love, Amma-Naana

"Treasure good friends,
For they are forever...

They're there for you
Through all kinds of weather.

They laugh, they listen, they cry with you
Their hearts are loyal, Steady and true.

Treasure good friends,
They're the gems of life;

They bring comfort and solace
During stress and strife.

Nurture them, love them
For all they are worth,

For there's little in life
That's better on earth...

Than to have a good friend
Who loves you for you,

Who makes your life full
As you learn to love, too.

True friendship is sharing
A "give" and a "take,"

With some sacrifice made
For each others' sake.

And as you look back
When you've grown old and gray,

Remember the times
Shared with friends, yesterday.

Let your soul be nourished
Like a flower in rain,

Making sure to cherish
Those friends who remain."