Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Welcome To Our Sweet Home, Laxmidevipet

Dear Our Chinnakonda, Good Morning.

Akkaiah Spoke with us, just now from our native home, Laxmidevipet. They are spending time happily in the company of our loving relatives, kith and kin there. Goverdhan mamaiah, Bhanu, Kamalesh bava, Akkaiah, Vikram and Vinod started early from Hyderabad. They went straight to Laxmidevipet. On the way they ate 'Gegulu (Tegalu)' also in the car. They made a trip to our Fields too, where our ancestors Samadhies are placed and they paid their tribute and also placed Flowers. They had their Lunch at Peddamma’s home and are invited for their dinner at Athamma's home. They will spend the night there and start to Warangal after their break-fast, in the morning.

" What we have once enjoyed we can never lose... all that we love deeply becomes a part of us."

With love, Amma - Naana

" hey, parugulu theeyali
urakalu veyali
hey, parugulu theeyali
urakalu veyali

bira bira chara chara
paruguna paruguna
ooru cherali
mana ooru cherali

vaagulu daati vankalu daati
ooru cherali
mana ooru cherali

pachani thotalu mechina poovulu
ooge gaalula tooge theegalu avigo
kommana nooge koyila jantalu
jummane ooge tummeda gumpulu
avigo avigo,
avigo avigo"