Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Ramappa, a Historic Place, Near Our Home Town, Laxmidevipet

Akkayya's family visit to Our Home Town...

"We spoke with Akkaiah, Kamalesh Bava, Goverdhan Mamaiah, Bhanu, Vijaya Odina. We also spoke with Peddathamma, Mamaiah, Narender Bava and Shailaja akka. They had a very nice trip to Laxmidevipet, Warangal, Jangaon and reached Hyderabad.

Kamalesh bava said that he is touched by the hospitality of our people at Laxmidevipet and also liked the location very much. He even felt that it would be nice to settle there for retirement :-)

Earlier, they met Pushpamalakka Family, Kistaiah Mamaiah Family, Siva Reddy Uncle Family and Sheik Hussien Uncle family at Warangal. All are doing well and quite happy to meet them after long time.

At Laxmidevipet, they paid respects at the Memorial for Bapamma, Pedananalu and also visisted the fields. They had a very happy time with Peddamma Family, Somanarsamma athamma family, Susheela athamma family, Chinna Somaiah mamaiah family, Yellamma peddamma family, Jagannatha Reddy Uncle family and other friends and relatives there. Vikram & Vinod played with children and enjoyed the entire trip.

They met Aunty & Uncle for dinner at Uppal and might have reached back now."

~Loving Brother, Ajay.

" What we have once enjoyed we can never lose... all that we love deeply becomes a part of us."

"Life is short, but there is always time enough for family."

Ramappa Temple

Nandi at Ramappa Temple

Ramappa Lake

Palampet, near Warangal in Deccan is home to brilliant Kakatiya art as seen in the Ramappa temple that is near the ancient engineering marvel that is the 13th century Ramappa tank.

Palampet is located at a distance of 77 km from Warangal , the ancient capital of the Kakatiyas. The Ramappa temple stands on a 6 feet high platform on a cruciform plan. There are many sub shrines within the temple. The entire temple complex is enclosed in a compound wall.

At the entrance to the temple is a ruined Nandi mandapam, with an imposing 9 feet high Nandi still intact. The Shivalingam in the sanctum also rises to a height of 9 feet. The temple itself is a work of art.

At Ghanpur, further beyond Palampet, there is a temple resembling the Hanumakonda thousand pillared temple, surrounded by several shrines, all now in ruins.

Ramappa Lake is a magnificent example of irrigation work of Kakatiya Rulers constructed in 13- Century A.D. during Ganapathi Deva's time. The lake holds a great scenic beauty,with its serene surroundings, giving a mystical air to the Ramappa Temple. The Kakatiya rulers followed the tradition of construction a tank adjacent to a temple. In line with this tradition, the Ramappa Lake was also constructed adjoining the temple.