Friday, December 15, 2006

How to keep plumbing from freezing

"As night time temperatures dip near freezing across much of Western Washington, utility officials are warning residents to take the following steps to guard against costly damage to their home's plumbing:

• When you are away — if you have power — make sure the heat is set no lower than 55 degrees.
• When the temperature dips below freezing, open indoor faucets and run a small trickle of water to help keep your water pipes from freezing. The cost of running extra water will be much less than the cost of repairing broken pipes.
• Open cabinet doors below sinks so warm air can circulate around the pipes during extremely cold weather.
• Open doors to cabinets located on exterior walls to expose water pipes to warmer room temperatures.
• If possible, shut off the water to outside faucets.
• Install insulated covers on all outside water faucets.
• Cover all exposed pipes with insulation material.
• Shut off water service to vacant homes if the heat can't be kept on. "