Saturday, December 16, 2006

Congratulations Dear Bhargavi Srinivas

A celebration of changes in time and life. The future becomes the present. And it is a future and a present to celebrate.

Dear Bhargavi and Srinivas,

With graduation comes thoughts of time gone past and time to come. We congratulate both of you on the occasion of Dear our Bhargavi's GRADUATION.

There is so much we can learn; There is so much we can share; We can all be an inspiration.

With Love,
Somayya Kasani & Vijaylakshmi Kasani.

Dear Uncle, how are you doing?

I hope everyone is doing well. Sorry, we couldn't reply to you earlier. I am not using this as my primary e-mail and rarely check this account. We have been using as our primary e-mail.

Thanks a lot for such a nice greetings. We will call you some time soon!. Please convey our regards to all.

Best regards,
Bhargavi & Srinivas