Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Greetings from Pragathi

Dear John & Hazel

Many thanks for visiting Pragathi at our sweet home and for all the beautiful gifts for her. Thank you for presenting her with nice colorful bangles from India. These are her first set of bangles. Thank you for the 2 sets of sleepers and also beautiful card. We deeply appreciate your affection.

We had a wonderful time with John at our home. Attached are pictures from the visit. It was nice sharing family and life details and getting together. We eagerly look forward to all of your family visiting us some time soon. Meanwhile our very best wishes for David in his college and for Kinnera in her school. John shared many aspects of David's interest for books, his desire to do Ph D in Philosophy, Kinnera's sense of justice and her active role at school. We wish them all the best. You are a beautiful family and we are very happy to be friends with you.

Hope John is enjoying his training program.

Best Regards
Ajay & Rani