Thursday, October 25, 2007


Dear Children,
Good Evening. How are you? How is our sweet Pragathi? We are all fine here.

I would like to right about Halloween in this e-mail to you all, our sweet people.

October 31st is Halloween. Halloween is not a holiday, but it is a very special day for children in Canada and the United States. On Halloween, children dress up in costumes. Some children wear masks and some children wear makeup. They dress up as monsters, famous people, ghosts, witches, cartoon characters, pirates and more. In the evening, they walk around their neighborhoods and go from house to house shouting "trick or treat" or "Halloween apples" At each house, people give out many different kinds of candy. In the past it was also very common to give children apples on Halloween. People often decorate their homes with pictures of black cats, spiders, witches.

Have a safe and happy Halloween.
Take care, Amma.