Saturday, November 10, 2007

Nana attended Art & Science Symposium :

Dear Children,

Good Evening. How are you? How is our sweet Pragathi? We are all fine here.

Nana attended Art & Science Symposium today the November 9, 2007 at Bernard Snell Hall, University of Alberta Hospital Edmonton. Nana told that this Symposium brought together the outstanding group of scholars, innovators, scientists, artists and community builders.

Art, Science, culture, technology, media and community are all powerful and complex topics. This symposium, Nana said, explored the relationship and inter-relatedness of these areas.

He also said that the physicist and novelist Alan Lightman discussed the differences and similarities between the scientific and artistic endeavors, drawing upon his own unique experience as a member of both communities.

More in my next e-mail.
With Love, Amma