Sunday, November 04, 2007

Social Customs in Alberta, Canada

Dear all, Good Evening. How are you?

Social customs change over time and depend on the situation. Following is a list of some Canadian customs that may not be familiar to you, our dear people. We discussed these in our LINC3 class today.

With Love, Amma - Nana

Social Customs in Alberta!

Following is a list of some Canadian customs.

1. When you are introduced to someone, it is customary to say, “Hello, how are you?” Some people put out their right hand, expecting you to shake it with your right hand. Some Canadians consider it impolite to refuse to shake hands.

2. When you are talking to someone, stand 60 to 100 cm away. Many Canadians feel uncomfortable if they do not know very well touches them or stands closer than 60 cm away.

3. Be on time for appointments. If you have any appointment (for example, to see a doctor, teacher, or a friend) try to be there at the agreed time. If you will be late or unable to keep an appointment, telephone a head of time and let the person know.

4. Smoking is not permitted in public places (for example stores, theatres, office buildings and many restaurants) except in specified areas. Look for signs indicating where smoking is acceptable.

5. It is generally acceptable for young children and parents or a man and woman to hold hands or walk arm in arm in public. However, some other physical displays are not acceptable. It is not common for two men or two women to hold hands.

6. It is unacceptable in most circumstances to be loud, aggressive or violent. This includes carrying on a loud conversation in a public place, calling people names and spanking a child in a store. Hitting or threatening another person is against the law.

7. Unless you know a person very well, it is considered impolite to ask certain types of personal questions. For example, it is generally not acceptable to ask the following. a) How much money do you have? b) How much did you pay for your house or car? c) Why aren’t you married? d) How old are you? e) How much do you weigh? f) Why don’t you have any children?

8. Most Albertans do not approve of littering (discarding garbage on the floor or ground in public place). Some communities have laws where a person can be fined for littering. Garbage cans are generally available in public places such as malls and parks.