Saturday, November 17, 2007

Greetings from AmmaNaana

Dear Our Sweet Three, Good Evening.

Thank you all for your regular e-mails. We are fine here. Amma is associating our sweet Vind, Vikram and akkaiah this weekend. I shall also join them tomorrow, in the afternoon.

We all will participate in Deepavali Celebrations at Mahaganapathy Temple, tomorrow in the evening.

Mr. Gurudial Mundi and I are going to Millwoods Senior Centre to get our " life Certificates". We leave at 9: 35 am taking a ride on Bus No 35 from 23rd Avenue, near our home. We shall come back our home after getting the work done, together.

More in my naxt E-mail. Have a great weekend, dear all.
With Love, Naana