Sunday, November 04, 2007

What People Say About ANKUR - Edmonton

Multiculturalism is an integral part of our province and of our communities. We are fortunate to live in a place with a heritage built by people of many nations and cultural backgrounds. It is our legacy and our strength, and we celebrate it in everything that we do. Enthusiasm, willingness, every step in the direction of promoting and encouraging multicultural environment should be recognized and acknowledged. As a multicultural performing arts group, ANKUR is committed to maintaining and enriching the diverse culture of our communities and is making a significant and positive impact on bringing together people of varying backgrounds. Their efforts bring understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity to our communities and ignite our lives with vibrancy. I commend their contribution to Edmonton's cultural mosaic and to the cultural heritage of Albertans.
- Krishan C. Joshee, CM., Chairman, Wild Rose Foundation

Edmonton is indebted to ANKUR for taking the banner of the Edmonton Heritage Festival and extending it to other times of the year. Standing for excellence in the Performing Arts, it attempts to bring to Edmontonians a unique blend of multiculturalism for the ages. For what does multiculturalism stand for? For everything and more that ANKUR attempts to do. This is a group that is dedicated to bringing pride in Canada to all groups through the arts and thus bridge the differences and misunderstandings which unfortunately exist between groups. The dynamism which exits among its members is incredible and admirable to behold. On behalf of our association, we wish its members success and progress in it's ambitious program.
- Nicholas Spillios, Vice-President, Canadian Multicultural Education Foundation

ANKUR brings our cultural diversity to every citizen of Edmonton and will over time remove any mystery and showcase the true fabric of our larger society. Ethnocentricity can emerge from a better understanding and appreciation of the variety that exists and is so proudly ours! If our great institutions like the U of A and U of C are indeed the gateways to the world, and these institutions are already leading the way to a greater understanding through a cohesion of people, ideas and culture, then we must emulate this at a broader level to include every citizen in our communities. ANKUR hold this promise for Edmonton.
- Ahamed Hussain, Sales & Marketing Manager, Rose Scientific Ltd., Canadian-Gyuanese

Attempts have been made by all levels of government, organizations and individuals to encourage and promote relationships among the various ethnic and cultural communities that constitute the multicultural fabric of Canada. Unlike the other initiatives taken by other bodies so far, Ankur seeks to establish cross-cultural respect, understanding and unity starting at the individual and group level within each community, by focusing on their common interests in the arts. This is a long-awaited initiative deserving the support of all.
- Samuel Amedjo, Ghana Friendship Association of Edmonton

It is an excellent chance to bring our diverse cultural heritages from all ethnic communities in Edmonton. ANKUR will bring respect and understanding through sincere dedication from each group and will be a precious melting pot of all the cultures that we have in our tradition. ANKUR is the momentum to initiate dynamic activities.
- Myung Whan Chung, President, Edmonton Korean Community Center Foundation

Understanding that diversity strengthens the society, it is a great pleasure to find dedicated, optimistic and committed multicultural performing arts group "ANKUR" in Canada building a world that includes a multiplicity of cultures, perspectives, and needs. It is imperative that we "immigrants" demonstrate a commitment to multiculturalism by approaching each other with intention, inclusion, and integrity. As a member of the Egyptian association, it is a pleasure to join ANKUR and invite our members to enjoy and positively participate in the event.
- Sameh Moharram and Samar Hamdy, Egyptian Student Association

In relatively short time "ANKUR" has demonstrated its effectiveness in promoting multiculturalism through performing arts and various other cultural activities. There was always a need for an organization which consolidates various ethnic and cultural communities in Edmonton and mobilizes them to participate in enriching their cultural expression. The essence of inclusiveness demonstrated by "ANKUR" by embracing diverse ethnic groups is extremely encouraging. I am very enthusiastic about the objectives of this organization and proud to be a part of it.
- Rajendra Subedi, Nepalese Canadian Society of Edmonton (NECASE)