Sunday, November 18, 2007

Man! Don’t Become Thankless Under Ego...

Dear Children,

Good Evening. How are you? How is our sweet Pragathi? We are all fine here. It is nice to know that our dear Bujji reached Seattle safely and enjoying the sweet company of Pragathi.

“Man! Don’t become thankless under ego. After all, we are all sisters and brothers, here. Sit down together in peace and think again and again.” is a poem written by Santokh Singh Sandhu on November 26, 2006 at Mill Wood’s senior centre. And he shared his poem to Nana at the time. After one year they met each other at the same place. They could exchange their greetings. Santokh recognized Nana first. Then Nana could remember him and the context. And both of them felt very happy with their reunion, after one year.

More in my next letter.
With love, Amma.