Saturday, December 01, 2007

Chinna's Visit to Edmonton

Mom & Dad - Forty Years of Togetherness

Mom and Dad at Desk.

Akkayya and Chinna with their dear Mom

Vikram naana getting ready for Kumon Exercise

Vini Kanna at the breakfast table on his birthday

Two dear brothers having fun together at Grandparents home

Vikram, Vini enjoying Ammamma's goru muddalu ...

Vini on Tatayya's lap. Akkayya at the end of her work day.

Vikram & Vini with Tatayya - Enjoying their evening snack

Vini with his Anu Pinni

Vikram on Anu Pinni's lap. He just finished Kumon Math.

Vini & Akkayya with Mom & Dad

Chinna with Amma-Naana

Akkayya & Naana at naana's Dr's office

Chinna & Naana at Naana's Dr's office