Monday, December 24, 2007

Steel and Velvet

Dear Suresh, How are you?

Your aunty, Vijaya and I attended the get together at Capilano, yesterday. And tomorrow, we are attending the other at Twin-brooks. How is your work? I am reading the books, I borrowed from you.

Your Loving Uncle.

Steel and Velvet

October 3, 1862.

Mark Van Dorm:
"To me Lincoln seems, in some ways, the most interesting man who ever lived. He was gentle, but this gentleness was combined with a terrific toughness, an iron strength."

When General Robert E. Lee surrendered his army, Lincoln sent an unexpected message to the enemy commander.

"Tell your men they may keep their horses; they'll need them for plowing," said the president. Then this: "Tell your men they may keep their rifles; they'll need them for hunting."

When Lee read those words he wept.

For each of us there is a time for toughness and a time for tenderness. A time for resolve and a time for compassion. An iron will is not the same as an iron spirit.

Another courageous American, Martin Luther King, Jr. some hundred years later encouraged us to exhibit tough minds and soft hearts...not the other way around.

Be mentally tough; your resolve and determination will overcome great obstacles along life's path. But let your heart be soft; your compassion and love will make the journey worth it.

Hello Uncle,

Season Greetings to you and your family.

Good to see that you are reading lot of books borrowing from me. I read every day before going to bed, so that I wake up with positive attitude and learn a lot about me too.

I have seen lot of folks feed three to five times to their body below the mouth, where as, in the modern world, they completely forget about feeding above to their mouth, which is the three pounds or 48 ounces deal, called "Brain".

Wow, I really admire you uncle, even at the age, how disciplined your are, in all ways, like taking care of your health, feeding excellent things to your three pounds deal, Wow, I have or everybody in the universe have lot to learn from you.

Great to have your association very close to us. Please convey our hello and good morning to dearest Aunty.

Warm Regards,
Suresh & Prasanna