Monday, March 24, 2008

ANKUR Multicultural Association

Dear Mr. Samarendra, Good Evening.

Thank you for your e-mails.

I already circulated an e-mail forwarded to me to the ACA, Edmonton on February 29th
And I shall do it again in the month of May, 2008.

I shall prepare an article on behalf you with the material you sent to me and send it to your approval before the publication in our ACA magazine "VANI - 2008".

My hearty congratulations to you, Mr. Samarendra for your Good H E A R T & S M A R T mind for starting a good organization for us, the Edmontonians to participate in it.

More in my next e-mail,
With Regards, Somayya Kasani

Dear Mr. Kasani:

Thanks for expressing interest to be a part of Ankur. Should you be interested to be a part of Ankur by being member, please talk to your neighbor Dr. Rajendra Subedi. He should have membership form. Since you are literary secretary of Andhra Cultural Association, your addition to Ankur Multicultural Association for Performing Arts will be quite useful particularly you could devote some time and do networking within or outside of Andhra Cultural Association or even for the other Associations of India. In a separate mail, I will forward a copy of the poster for the upcoming event on May 31, 2008. This time, the performers are:

Odissi Dance (from the province of Orissa). The dance will be performed by professional dancer Enakshi Das Sinha. She is coming from Windsor, Ontario (Originally she is from India).

Philippine Barangay Performing Arts Society. They will present Philippine Dance.

Trembita Folk Dance Ensemble and Nadiya Ukrainian Dance Group will present Ukrainian Dance, a vibrant dance from the country of Ukrainian.

Tabla Debut (Indian Drums). Played by two local young talents.

The total show is approx. 2 hours.

If you are willing to sell tickets, please let me know. I will send with Aparna. This will give an opportunity to get involved in the activities of Ankur, and do further networking.

Dr. Maiti

Dear Mr. Samarendra and Mr. Dushyant, Good Evening.

Canada is a country of 32 million peoples with cultural groups from all over the world. Its cultural diversity is expanding. It has a deep commitment to cultural diversity. When everyone is accepted, and respected the result is a more harmonious, more creative and a more stable society.

I am happy to know that "Ankur's prime focus would be to bring the colors of the world under a single umbrella through various artistic performances and social activities thus building up strong bridges among various ethnic groups in Edmonton."

I am happy to attend it's Annual General Body Meeting today and I would like to be a part of this organization soon, taking it's membership. Presently I am working as a literary secretary of Andhra Cultural Association, Edmonton.

With Regards, Somayya Kasani
Our hopes are high. Our faith in the people is great. Our courage is strong. And our dreams for this beautiful country will never die.- Pierre Elliott Trudeau