Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Thanks to our teacher for conducting classes in a creative way

(1) To use infinitive in a sentence, in different positions is a good job, our teacher, Kamalah gave us this morning.

(2) To go to a potluck party is a new concept for me here, in Edmonton.

(3) Potluck party is a good concept to mix with people and to share our feelings.

(4) The LINC is a nice course for new comers to Canada to know new traditions of the country and to learn the language as well.

(5) The teachers working in the LINC are the most dedicated people, ready to serve the newcomers with a great zeal.

(6) I am successfully completing two sessions, here in Metro by April 28, 2008. I don’t know how to thank my teachers and the other staff members for their sincere service for us.

(7) The management is asking us every time our feedback to improve their service to us. But we don’t know what to suggest them, for our further development.

(8) We are very thankful to the management who brought the guest speakers for our classroom to make us learn the systems helpful for us in our real life in Canada.

(9) Once we join the LINC and complete it successfully, I am sure, that we will become real Canadians. To exercise our rights and carry on our responsibilities is a sincere job of every Canadian, I believe.

(10) Our teacher asked me to write only 10 sentences using infinitives. I hope I have done this, now. Thanks to our teacher, Kamalah for inventing new situations to make us learn the language and traditions of Canada.