Thursday, March 20, 2008

It's Spring Again

Dear Children, Good Morning.

There is probably no day greeted with greater joy and anticipation than the first day of spring.

With Love, Amma - Nana

"Brilliant sunshine hint of rain
Tells me that it’s spring again,

Opening flowers, budding tree
Children’s voices raised in glee

Everywhere there’s singing heard,
Early joggers streaming by

Breeze producing lazy sigh
Wake from sleeping, look outside

Bees among the flowers roam
Deeply breathing morning air

Taking seat in garden chair,
Clouds now promise morning rain;
Happy day, its spring again. "

Seasons are not astronomical phenomena; they are climatological phenomena. Or seasons aren't about the sun in the sky; they're about the weather on Earth. They are defined by temperature. Winter is the coldest part of the year, summer the warmest, and spring and fall the periods in-between.

The first day of each season, according to average temperature:
Spring: March 5 ; Summer: June 4
Fall: September 4 ; Winter: December 4