Thursday, March 27, 2008

Canada Culture & Alberta Geography

Canada was created through discussion, negotiation, and compromise. These characteristics are as important today as in the past. Canadians let people live as they wish, as long as they do not limit how others live. Canadians work hard to nourish a peaceful society in which respect for cultural differences, equality, liberty and freedom of expression is fundamental value.

Canadians want fairness and justice for themselves, their children, and their families. And most are fair and just to others, no matter who they are, or where they come from. They understand the value of cooperation. In a country as large and diverse as Canada people must be able to learn to resolve or ignore small conflicts in order to live happily and peacefully.

Women, men, children and seniors are all equally respected in Canada. Canadians may be different from each other but it is these shared values that make Canada a friendly, caring, peace-loving in which to live.

Canada is diverse in its people, its landscape, its climate, and its way of life. However Canadians do share the same important values. These values guide and influence much of our everyday life. .

( 1 ) Alberta motto : Strong and Free.

( 2 ) Alberta was named after princess Louise Caroline Alberta of Briton.

( 3 ) Alberta is home to over 3.2 million people ( 2005 ).

( 4 ) Edmonton and Calgary are the largest cities in Alberta.

( 5 ) Alberta grew when the railroad was built in 1883.

( 6 ) Early settlers were ranchers from England and the United States.

( 7 ) Alberta became a province on September 1, 1905.

( 8 ) The main rivers in Alberta are: The peace River, North and South Saskatchewan River, and Athabasca River.

( 9 ) A large mountain range ( Rocky Mountains ) is along the western border.

( 10 ) Northern Alberta is covered with forest and muskey.

( 11 ) There are 5 National Parks. Banff is the oldest National Park. Wood Buffalo National Park is the home to about 2200 Buffalo's.

( 12 ) Cold Arctic masses bring cool weather in winter.

( 13 ) Alberta has oil, natural gas, and coal. Oil was discovered at Leduc in 1947.

( 14 ) Alberta sells the oil, natural gas, and coal to other provinces and other countries.

( 15 ) There is also Sulfur, Silica, Potash, Quartz, thick salt deposits, clay and lime stone.

( 16 ) The main crop is wheat. Alberta is the second largest producer of wheat in Canada.

( 17 ) There are many diary farms, and cattle ranches.

( 18 ) Dinosaur provincial park is in the badlands. Calgary stampede has bull riding, calf roping and wagon racing.

( 19 ) Fort Saskatchewan, Leduk, Spruce Grove, St Albert are the part Edmonton Capital Region.

(20 ) Fort Mc Murray, Sherwood park are special centres.