Friday, June 22, 2007


Mullapudi Venkata Ramana (born 1931) is a Telugu story writer. He is versatile in penning both heart-touching and rib-tickling dialogues.

It is a known fact that Ramana's word and Bapu's line are made for each other. One whips the pen in broad strokes, the other wields the pen in sharp words. One infuses life through strokes while the other sustains it through words. They lead their life tied to each other through their natures.

They are one mind operating in two entities. For a team of so many achievements and accomplishments, they go by a simple tag name Bapu-Ramana. Ramana’s association with Bapu on a career plane completes 60 years.

They first met in 1942 in P.S. High School, Madras. They studied there in standards V and VI and then continued schooling at Kesari High School.

Ramana’s first short story Amma Maata Vinakapothe was published in 1945 in Bala, a children's magazine published by Radio Annayya,he was 14 then.

Bapu illustrated the story. That was the beginning of their career as a writer-producer -illustrator- filmmaker duo”.

While Bapu achieved much of his fame sticking to a subtle style of artistic elegance, Ramana announced his entry through a bunch of talkative characters, who try to make no sense out of the sensible world around them, because of their askew point of view.

Ramana is the dialogue, story and screenplay writer for many of the movies that came as a Bapu-Ramana combination. He provided an able foil, providing script/dialogue that suited bapu's visuals and this celebrated friendship and professional association gave many good cinemas.

Beginning as an illustrator-story writer team and then turning into a film-director-writer duo, they have contributed immensely to the enrichment of Telugu cultural ethos through literature and cinema. When one mentions Bapu, then one is bound to mention Ramana's name too and vice versa.

If Bapu had received an honorary doctorate from Sri Venkateswara University last year his alter ego Mullapudi Venkataramana received the honours this year. All the other honours including the Raghupathi Venkaiah award the inseparable twins of Telugu cinema shared between them.