Friday, June 01, 2007


Dear Mamaiya,

Nice to see your email. Happy to know the good news and also happy to know that you are with Ajay and Rani. Your presence is always good at this moment and give great emotional support and strength to them.

Rest all is fine at our en. Krishna is fine at Basanth nagar and Amma and Nana are doing good. Amma had been busy during last month visiting Domalguda for Vishal's wedding and later to Mahabubnagar for Rajani's (my maternal cousin) wedding.

Anna and Vodina are also doing good. As Vodina has summer vacation, both of them went to Bangalore and Goa trip . May be she would resume back to college from Monday i.e. 3rd June 2007.

Santosh and Shelly are doing good. Spoke to them two days back.

Attama and Mamaiya are also doing good and looking forward for my nephew's (Sampath's) visit to India during July 07.

That's all from my side.

It is quiet obvious and nice to know that you have been active (as always) in cultural organization. You make friends very fast and be in good rapport too.

Though you are mamaiya, we share good wavelength and thus we are good friends too.

Have a nice Sunday and namaste to Attama.

Regards to Rani and Ajay.


Dear Radhika Rani & Krishnaji, Good Morning. How are you?

It is nice that you are forwarding good literature to your near and dear people very often. I am happy to receive it, time to time. Your dear atthamma and I came to Seattle in the first week of May from Edmonton, Canada. We shall be in the loving company of Ajay and Ranamma till June 5th.

How are your loving parents? How are Raghu & Sujatha? Please convey our best regards to them.

More in my next e-mail, With Love : Athamma & Mamaiah