Thursday, January 17, 2008

Early morning is an excellent time for personal development

Dear Children,

Early morning alertness is a great habit to develop. The quiet of the morning is often the time when our mind is at its clearest and most well-suited to solving important problems.

Let us learn new language or try new idea? Let us get up early and work on it in the morning!. If we start early, we make our day longer; we can do much more in one day than we usually do. Let us wake up earlier, jump to work, we may be done by the afternoon...

Instead of going to bed at a fixed time each night, let us stay up until we’re sleepy. If you’re lying awake at night for 30 minutes or more trying to fall asleep, I’d say you’ve gone to bed too early. Get up and read for a while. When you start to nod off while reading, it’s time for bed. If we start going to bed when we’re sleepy and get up at a fixed time each morning, our body will eventually adapt. It’s important to have something to look forward to that makes us eager to get out of bed.

Some like going to the gym, so it serves as a good reason to get out of bed. We know that exercising will leave them feeling even more energized. If our morning routine ever becomes boring, let us change it. Any effective routine may eventually stop working for us. Let us do whatever is necessary to keep it interesting.

We hope you all have a wonderfully nice day!

With Love, Amma - Nana