Saturday, October 28, 2006


Dear Children, GOOD MORNING!

Nearly 200 people participated in Diwali celebrations. We made some more new acquaintances !

with love,
Amma - Naana

[ 1 ]


"Change is something we all go through,
it's a part of life.

I'd think we 'd be abnormal,
if we didn't go through it.

Change doesn't have to be bad.

Sure our lives may not go as planned,
but usually, they turn out for the better.

Change can be good,
unless we turn away from it,
as if we didn't want to own up to it."

[ 2 ]


"As the Earth revolves within this
immense universe,
our world continues -
continues to change fast
We see change every day,
it is constant.

The cold war is now over
The Berlin wall has been shattered
People of all colors
can now stand side by side

And yet new changes are yet to come
let's hold our breath,
hoping that change occurs for the better
and not for worse.

As you go to bed tonight,
think for a second -
that we will wake up,
wake up to a different world!"

[ 3 ]


"To everything there is a season,
A time of gladness, grief and cheer,
Smiles of laughter, sadness of tears,
For every sunset there's a sunrise,
There is no rainbow without the rain,
No summer time without the spring,
Golden days and frosty nights,
Icy winds throughout the days,
With winters newly fallen snows,
Whose years are like the seasons,
Let the future hold no doubt,
There'll come a change of scene,
With rain bound skies of hope and love,
I have seen your different faces,
Life is like the changing seasons"