Saturday, October 28, 2006

Messages from a few friends...

Hello Rajeshwar, Srinivas, Pratap and friends,

Our School Life

Three years ago I visited Somiah kasani gari's web site. I first heard of him and the web site from his son Ajay Kasani from Seattle. The other day Somiah garu joined us in the tdf-city chapters conference call, almost at the fag end of the meeting. Apparently he saw the invitation sent for Ajay and joined the call. We had a brief discussion after which I took his e-mail id and added him in tdf-discuss. Somiah garu
introduced himself to the TDF-discuss community where in I saw the web address - once again. I thought I should bring it to your notice too.

I was particularly struck by Ajay's essay, (the one he he wrote in his 9th class) the simplicity of expression and some of the points he dealt in such a structured manner. I was wondering how do we cultivate similar skills among the rural school children - to start with at least in villages where we are running rural/school libraries through RLF. Of course the honing of skills takes place only under watchful eyes and constant guidance from competent people, but I thought we can start

We are fortunate to have Somiah garu amidst us. I'll request him to guide us in instituting / conducting /designing some programmes to kids so their latent abilities are brought up. I'll talk to him one of these days. Anybody who is interested can also contact him .

Ajay and Somiah garu,

At the outset Let me apologies for taking liberties and writing about you to some of the RLF friends(rural library foundation) without your permission. Hope you'll understand the spirit behind the enthusiasm to connect you to others who are similarly inclined.

I'm also thankful for Sampath Billakanti for introducing me to Ajay three years ago.


Hello Dear Sudhir,
I am pleased to see Kasani's family site. It brings the Indian family values to eye-reach. It shows the pride of Indian family culture & relations. It inspires a person to be a .... no words. Just fantastic!!

Thank you very much for introducing Kasani family. I really appreciate Mr.Kasani's work rather I would say I really learn a lot from his work. I am just a kid before him.

Mr.Kasani, you are very true. If every family follows the same, we can see a day where "no boundaries, no flags and no countries". I wish to see your dream universe soon.

Hi Ajay, It is nice to learn about you. I congratulate on your accomplishments. Let me also congratulate your sister on her research, patents, etc...

I would look forward to learn more from you on RLF forum.

Yellapa Adepu

Hello Sudhir & friends

Thanks for the kind words. Thanks also for the good work you are doing for our home place.

Nana worked for 30 years in rural schools and loved students and teaching. As we know, the rural schools suffer from lack of teachers and facilities. Nana used to encourage senior students take classes for the juniors. One day Inspector was stunned to see not many teachers in the school, yet all the classes going on with IX class students teaching junior classes. I also noticed that the students from his girls school used to say - it's fine, even better when teachers are not there. They used to organize essay writing & elocution activities for themselves. Just sharing a few of my observations of their government school when I visited home for vacation.