Friday, October 27, 2006


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Visitor Name: Mr.Ramulu
Message by Mr.Ramulu

"Dear sir ,
I am a retd.Lecturer, now in US with my daughter's family . I will go back in 1st week of November. I have a son working at Bangalore. Now spending happily with my daughter's two kids below 9 years.

I saw ur address in tdf-group. I liked ur "attempt the impossible".I am taking part in the Telangana movement in different ways. T-state appears like impossible, but I do not leave it .

When so many injustices took place why our people have been tolerating the exploiters for all these 50 years , I could not understand. Till 2000 a.d also I did not read so many lack of jobs, which were due to Telanganites, were grabbed by the people of other regions . This all injustices done to Telangana has been hidden by AP Govt.,Media successfully .

Some times I questions my self why our people r so innocent, even though they fought against NIZAAM GOVT.?. It may be due to selfishness of our leaders or they are afraid of the leaders of other regions, no strong movement was started till recent times.

I did not achieve much in my life either financially or in educationally or in any other field like many Telanganites like u who r in these western countries.

The other side the innumerable deaths of suicides in Telangana, many people of Telangana migrated to middle-east just for lively hood suffering with several problems. In addition to them there are unemployed who r still in Telangana districts working for petty wages made me to think about Telangana issues & its history.

I will work for the cause & leave the rest for God. This is my near future activity.