Tuesday, October 10, 2006

An email from a friend

Hello Somayya Kasani.
Your messages are always so uplifting and thoughtful. Communication is absolutely essential for worlds and people to grow, evolve and understand each other. Thank you fro reminding me how important it is.

The LET'S TALK ABOUT BOOKS group is going well. We are beginning to have a core group who attend every session which is now the first and third Wednesday. I love it very much and look forward to it. This week I will be in New York attending a conference and will miss the meeting. Always my heart is sad when this happens. I have sent them my 'pics' via snail mail so I can still be with them in spirit. I wish you could attend :-)

How is life in Edmonton? I have never visited but I've heard it is very beautiful. I love your thoughts and philosophies on family. It is another important ingredient in the building of community both local and world wide.

Thank you so much for remembering me and thinking of me and I so appreciate the wonderful words you send always.

Lillian Dabney