Thursday, October 26, 2006

Telangana Development Forum

Hello Somaiah garu,

Thanks for joining the conference call yesterday last night.

Welcome to . tdf-discuss is a communication platform maintained by TDF (Telangana Development Forum – ) to discuss various issues pertaining to the Telangana region. It's a relatively open platform and therefore there are all kinds of views posted. Views reflect individuals' opinions and not necessarily the organizations’, unless specified.

If you think the volume of mails is a bit high, please let's know so we can convert the membership to the 'DAILY DIGEST' status. 'Daily Digest' consolidates all mails sent to the group on a particular day and sends it as a single mail.

Hope you'll actively participate in the lively discussions. Please let your acquaintances also know about the existence of the group.

Sudhir Kodati

Thank you Mr. Sudhir Kodati. I shall participate in discussions. I shall also let my acquaintances here in Edmonton, know about the existence of the group - communication platform:

Somayya Kasani