Friday, November 03, 2006

Communication between good old friends

Narsi at Play

Uncle, Namsthe.
Thought of calling you..just couldn't due to busy schedules. That is only the reason behind the delay in this mail.

Aparna and Narcy are doing very good. He is 4 now..getting mischievous day by day. going to pre-school.

Subhash is in Atlanta, GA and I am in Birmingham, AL. We both work for 'Bellsouth'. just 150 miles from Hyd and Wgl. We all meet regularly. Surekha and our bava are in Jaipur India. She is blessed with a boy in May.

I was going through the on the other day. That is an amazing piece of work..really ..!!! Nice to see some pictures, letters which made us go back into the our childhood. And the pictures of loving kids Vikram and Vinod....they look pretty awesome.

I wish I could create one for me of that kind..great stuff.

BTW Ajay looks same as he used to look when he was 10,12. Of course an addition now..mustache..!!! His smile didn't change though..Aparnakka's face did not change at all..Anupama, I hardly remember her face....

Narcy's pics...I do not have many pics of smaller size. will reduce and send them later. But am sending a few...

Pl Convey my regards to all and Namasthe to Aunty. Please be in touch regularly..

Sudheer Amireddy

Picture taken on the day of retirement - 19th June, 1998

SUDHEER: "Courage is the greatest of all the virtues. Because if we haven't courage,
we may not have an opportunity to use any of the others."

Dear Sudheer, Happy to receive your mail. Nice to get information about Subhash, Sugunakar and Surekha.

Your dad, my friend is a wise man. He is more thoughtful. He named his loving children well, Sudheer, Subhas, Sugunakar and Surekha. He named after the good qualities of a man. We have to strive our best to live up to those virtues.

I wish all of you - Aparna, Ajay and Anupama and Sudheer, Subhas, Sugunakar and Surekha should grow more intimacy among you all.

You know well how much we - Your dad, Your loving uncle Linga Reddy and I are close.
Yes! I shall definitely be in touch with you all thru my regular e-mails.

More in my next mail, Please convey my best regards to your loving parents and my best wishes to Aparna, your life-companion and your loving siblings. And our love to our sweet Narcy.


Your loving Uncle,
Somayya Kasani

Note: -- I shall forward your mail to all my loving children.