Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Whispers of The Trees

"They swing their arms at me,
and try to seize me
They tickle me when I walk past them
With countless fingers and toes
They surround me from every angle
In their colonies of forest

Stand tall and proud
But meek and modest
Clothed in brown splendor
They don’t show themselves
They alter their wardrobe
To fit their mood
While we put on more clothes
Flashy and green

Then naked
Leaning together in the wind,
Whispering gossip to each other
Always have something to whisper
Especially when the wind flies by

They feel lonely and bare in the winter
Jealous of those still green

Always have something to give
Shelter, lumber, fruit, beauty, shade."

Dear Children, GOOD EVENING!

Just now we had our dinner. Akkaiah and Vikram Naana associated with us this evening. Dear our Chinnna & Sreenath has greeted us - Good Evening! How was your day today, dear all. I shall stay at home tomorrow. My friend Mr. Pitamber Sharma might be visiting us tomorrw. He was a retired Professor in India, Chandighar.

More in my next mail,
With love, Naana