Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Edmonton's Poet Laureate

Edmonton's Poet Laureate Alice Major (second from right)

BA. (English, history) - Trinity College,
University of Toronto

Alice Major emigrated from Scotland at the age of eight, and grew up in Toronto before coming west to work as a weekly newspaper reporter in central British Columbia.

She has lived in Edmonton, Alberta since 1981, working as a freelance writer with much experience in business writing.

She has published five collections of poetry and one novel for young readers. She has served as president of the Writers Guild of Alberta and chair of the Edmonton Arts Council.

She is currently on the national council of the League of Canadian Poets as past president. In July, 2005, she began a two-year term as poet laureate for the City of Edmonton.

Books published:
Some Bones and a Story, Toronto, Wolsak and Wynn, 2001 (72 pages) – poetry Corona Radiata, Toronto, St. Thomas Press, 2000 (48 pages) – poetry Tales for an Urban Sky. Fredricton: Broken Jaw Press, 1999. (96 pages) – poetry Lattice of the Years. Calgary: Bayeux Arts, 1999. (78 pages) – poetry Time Travels Light. Edmonton: Rowan, 1992. (66 pages) – poetry The Chinese Mirror. Toronto: Clarke Irwin, 1988. (195 pages) – young-adult fiction